High-integrity, high horsepower.

tokenstreet was founded in 2020 by Mona Feder, Lenny-Campino Hartmann and Vincent Amm. The founding team is complemented by numerous individuals with many years of experience in private equity and private banking.

Vincent Amm
Co-Founder | Investment
Mona Feather
Co-Founder | Product
Lenny Campino Hartmann
Co-Founder | Tech & Legal
Jonathan Freiberger
Lead Backend Developer
Daniel Reichhart
Lead Frontend Developer
Kevin Gao
Software Developer
Jonny Caspari
What is important to us

We founded tokenstreet because we were looking for something that didn't exist at the time: easy and affordable access to professional investment products. Therefore, everything we do for tokenstreet we also do for ourselves.


Honest investment requires honest communication and conditions.

We are transparent in all matters - without compromise.


Investing is complicated enough. The investment process should not be as well.

We are simple and understandable - without small print.


We work independently of banks and other product providers.

Our only driver is our claim - without heavy doors.

Shareholder and consultant.

Great personalities support great visions. Get to know those who believe in us.

Dr. Olaf Neubert is Founder and MD at TopCap Partners.

Karin Arnold is a lawyer and notary public for corporate law

Alexander Mettenheimer MD | TopCap Partners (Europe) GmbH

Uwe Hermann Deputy Head of Portfolio Management | BVV

Christoph Richter Partner | Hemmelrath Law

Dr Peter Ruppel, Vice President | CODE

Claus Sendelbach CEO | Apo Asset Management

Simon Engelhorn COO | Engelhorn GmbH & Co.

Investment Team

Dr Olaf Neubert

Dr. Olaf Neubert is the founder and Managing Director of TopCap Partners, and former Managing Director of Citi Bank in New York.

Investment Team

Vincent Amm

Vincent Amm is the founder and Managing Director of tokenstreet.

Investment Team

Uwe Hermann

Uwe Hermann is Deputy Head of Portfolio Management at BVV Versicherungsverein des Bankgewerbes and has over 30 years of capital market experience across all asset classes.